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Brownsburg High School’s Athletic Ambassador program began in 2006. Originally sponsored by the IHSAA and NCAA it is a cross-age mentor program designed for high school student-athletes to talk candidly with elementary children about fundamental values which dovetails with the BCSC character education curriculum.  The program is designed to bring powerful partners together to help young people grow into caring, responsible adults.

A group of 30 student-athletes have been selected to partner with the third grade classes from all Brownsburg elementary schools for the 2016-17 school year. The ambassadors understand the importance of being prepared and presenting themselves in a positive manner. Each take seriously their role as someone these children will look up to and want to emulate.

Ambassadors are involved in many activities: 

* “Ambassador Night” at a varsity basketball game. This gives the ambassadors an opportunity to be with their 3rd grade students in a fun and informal setting.

*  Volunteer to help at elementary track and field day.  

* Prior to each home event an Ambassador welcomes the fans and asks for good sportsmanship during the contest.

* Assist the Athletic Department in hosting athletic tournaments throughout the school year. 


2019-20 Athletic Ambassador

Allison Bosse 12
Brooke  Dixon 12
Emma Cougill 12
Ethan Harless 12
Heidi Doehrman 12
Irene Amalaraj 12
Jacklin Thompson 12
Jakobi McGowan 12
Jared Hughes 12
Joley Clodfelter 12
Leister Perrin 12
Mackenzie Bedrick 12
Madeleine Dawson 12
Skyy Smith 12
Tori Olmstead 12
Allison Shaffer 11
Ben Easters 11
Colin Porath 11
Ella Wilson 11
Jacob Kodrick 11
Jake Giles 11
Jayden Gibson 11
Jonah Billups 11
Lee Grimes 11
Luke Lacey 11
Maddy Edwards 11
Myles Grant 11
Sophie Yohman 11
Tori Watkins 11
Trevor Nolan 11